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Labbaik Alcohol free Attar 6ml by Farhan Perfumes

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Labbaik Alcohol free Arabian Attar

Labbaik Alcohol free Arabian Attar: It’s not just a fragrance, it’s a tradition. Long lasting & free from alcohol. There is no need to pour, use the built in roll on. Easy to carry & easy to use. Made in India.
Ingredients: Synthetic essential oil, Natural essential oil, Synthetic Aroma Chemicals.

How to apply Attar ?
  1. Hold fragrance away from your body. You will want to be at least 5-7 inches away from your chest/body. …
  2. Spray perfume onto your “pulse points.” …
  3. Use targeted sprays. …
  4. Dab your perfume on. …
  5. Let your “pulse point” dry without rubbing it. …
  6. Try not to overdo it with the perfume.

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1 review for Labbaik Alcohol free Attar 6ml by Farhan Perfumes

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Some rad tunes on this album!

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