Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 120ml

৳ 328.00

Shopping for cosmetics on Bangladeshi Market online or traditional market can be a daunting task. With search results online often resulting in pages of listings for a single item or there are a lot of local shop selling cosmetics , how do you decide who to buy from?  For getting your answere follow the instructions
 ➤ Don’t Buy cheap rated cosmetics
 ➤ Scrutinize the pacaging
 ➤ Examine expire Date
 ➤ Shop from One seller
 ➤ Smell the flavor
 ➤ In some cases density is a factor, don’t overlook it.
 ➤ Destroy the bottle that you’ve used
 ➤ Print wont blur of a genuine cosmetics label
 ➤ Authentic cosmetics price is really a bit high.. Please pay a little more for your own sake..
 ➤ If you get fake product, claim for it’s genuinity and don’t use it..

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